It’s Been A While…

Hi! How are you doing? It has been so long since I last posted because, to be quite honest, I’ve just been so busy; in fact I can’t believe how busy I’ve been without leaving the house!

Up until last week I was working from home as well as looking after my little man. Naturally the two things don’t go hand in hand! Fortunately my work had deadlines which, as long as I did the work (creating online lesson content), meant it didn’t matter when I worked. So for a few weeks I said goodbye to my weekends (and some of my evenings) and got the work done. 

The realities of working from home with a baby – a workspace and a playpen!

Now my teaching work has finished for the summer until September, as it always did, but there were always extra bits of work that kept me going over the summer, such as working at a summer camp, but naturally there’s none of that this year. So it’s a little scary. I’m doing an online course to upskill so that maybe I can get some remote work over the summer to fit around looking after my little man. It’s very hard to look for work when there’s no prospect of childcare! But it means thinking outside the box which excites me too, now I just have to get out of that box! I’m also going to use any time I have to write too, with a lack of plans over the summer I’ve finally been given extra time to write, well, until an almost 1-year-old changes my plan!

Lockdown. I don’t think we’ll ever forget this period in our lives. It’s the weirdest and most surreal situation, but do you know what I think is even stranger? That it’s starting to feel a bit, well, normal? 

We’re all dealing with lockdown differently, which is to be expected as we’re all different people. Some people are finding it incredibly difficult, others are quite enjoying it, then some are somewhere in between. And, of course, we must not forget those who have been directly affected by the virus, I can’t imagine what it’s been like for them. 

For me, well I’ll admit, it’s not been too bad, but I can mostly attribute that to an incredibly special, and very little, person. My son. He has always been such a blessing but to have had this extra time with him has just been a complete joy. It’s not easy, he’s on the go every moment that he’s awake (he’s currently napping!), but I just love being with him and, as many of you know, I always felt that my maternity leave was too short, I had to go back to work when he was four months old due to necessity. So this time with him is like a gift. My husband works in admin for the Irish health service, so he’s still been going out to work, meaning that every day it’s just been me and my little man. I do feel like I’ve become a bit of a traditional housewife, looking after the baby and keeping the home running, although my husband is brilliant when he’s at home at sharing the load. However I don’t want to lose mein all this. So I’ve realised that when the little man naps, instead of hanging up the washing or doing chores, I need to do something for me – hence why I’m writing at the moment. 

Special moments during lockdown…

I’ve done my best to focus on the positives during this period but I do so miss contact with other people. Something I keep asking myself is when will I be able to hug my mum again? When will I see my family and friends in England again? I try not to think about it too much, especially with the majority of my family being in England as it would get me down, I think it’s easier to hope that it’ll be sooner rather than later, than know that it won’t be for some time. I can’t wait to meet up with friends again, just to go out for a coffee seems like such a luxury at the moment! And to go out for a meal? Well, that would just be heaven! 

I miss having the freedom to just go out, to wander round the shops (I do love a good wander!), to take my little man to soft play (he went once two weeks before everything started to shut down and loved it), to go to the beach, the cinema, basically things that before I just took for granted. I wonder if this period will make us all appreciate those little luxuries in life? 

I do wonder how this will change us in the long run. I hope it makes people kinder, there have been so many examples of kindness over the past few months. I hope it makes us enjoy and savour life more. I’ve so enjoyed not rushing around and think I’ll find it hard to get back into that way of living again. I hope it makes us see that there is a new way of living. Life doesn’t have to be the horrible stress and pressure that it has been for so many of us. 

I just love this tree, one of the many pretty sights from our daily walks.

But for now I’m just taking life day by day, there isn’t any other way at the moment. I’m discovering that there’s something quite freeing about living in the now, it’s certainly more relaxing than permanently living in the past or future. 

So that’s it from me for now. Just remember to take care of yourself and keep well. As they say this will pass.

Colette x

3 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…”

  1. hi, I am Khyaati from India.. Hope you and little bundle of joy doing great.. I like your writings and also your working table and with a baby prim aside.. My son is 6 years old and your difficult days let me remember my that time when I was going through this situation. still taking caring of a little one is very satisfying job. good luck for your upcoming days and yes love from India.


    1. Hi Khyaati, thank you so much for your kind comments – it’s lovely to know that my blog is being read as far away as India! You’re right, taking care of a little one is a very satisfying job, I feel very lucky to be doing it. We’re doing really well, thank you, I hope you and your family are too. All the best to you and your family, love from Ireland.

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