We Really Do Need Each Other

A scene from this morning’s walk.

I spoke to someone today! An actual person in the flesh – who wasn’t my husband or my son! It was the postman and we had a short conversation; under normal circumstances this isn’t unusual as I’m living in a semi-rural area of Ireland where generally you would know your postman. But I haven’t had a conversation with another person in the flesh who isn’t my husband (my little man isn’t quite at the conversational stage yet!) in weeks! The postman was driving down the lane as I was walking up it, he wound down the window to say hello and we had a short conversation. Socially distanced of course! But it made me realise just how nice it is to have that face to face contact and how much we need that as human beings. 

On saying that I feel that during this strange period of our lives I am actually having more communication with friends and family than I usually would. Thank goodness for all the technology that we have now that most of us are able to do that as it’s so important. I really feel for people who don’t have or find it difficult to use modern technology at this time as we really do need to stay in touch with each other. 

I always knew that it’s the people in our lives that our important but it’s times like this that really bring it home. I’m loving the fact that I’m having numerous virtual meet ups with friends and if it’s a video call being able to see them makes all the difference. I don’t know I would get through all this if it wasn’t for these calls – I love a good chat! I’m finding that this situation is also bringing me closer to people who I wouldn’t normally see that much of – mainly my friends and family in England who, after living here for 11 years, are still a big part of my life. I now have weekly video chats with one group of friends which is just brilliant as they were friends that I used to see all the time when I was living in England so to have the weekly communication again is wonderful. Plus I’m speaking to family members and other friends so much more too. I know that for me this strange situation is making already strong relationships even stronger. 

Not only that but I think this is all making us think outside the box too – we had a virtual birthday party for my mum at the weekend which was lovely and, despite being on her own all day, she said she had a lovely birthday thanks to all the phone calls and video calls she had. I’m also going to set up a virtual book club meeting for this evening for my book club which I’m so glad we’re getting to do as I absolutely love our meetings. And we’re going to have to think outside the box on that one as I only got to the library to order the latest book the day before the libraries closed so only one of us has the current read – Watership Down if you’re interested – but we’ll think of some way to keep things going until we can meet up again. 

So as horrible as this situation is there is also good coming from it. Every day reminds us once again about what we all need most in our lives. Simply each other.

Colette x

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