A rainbow in the window of my best friend’s home, she made it with her 4-year-old twin sons. Rainbows are being displayed in homes across the UK at the moment to spread hope and cheer when people walk past. I’ve not heard about it happening in Ireland but it could be doing – I haven’t been anywhere to see it!

Hi! How are you all doing? Myself and my family are doing fine, getting used to this new normal which, as of last night in Ireland, has become a proper lockdown. It’s so hard to hear about those who have been struck down by this virus and, for those of us who haven’t, it’s probably difficult for us to truly comprehend what it’s like for them, even if we think we can. Their experience of this time will be very different to those of us who are so far healthy.

We are all taking lots of different things from this crisis and as we’re all individuals everyone is dealing with it in a variety of ways. Me, well, I’m doing my best not to dwell on the scary side to this situation, be thankful for my health and just look at the positives it’s bringing me. The main one is that it is allowing me to be the full-time mum I want to be, I am still having to do some work from home, which I’m having to fit in once my little man is in bed in the evenings (hence the lack of blog posts), but the days are more or less ours apart from the odd Zoom meeting (not the easiest with a baby who hasn’t a clue that mummy is trying to work but that’s the way it is at the moment!).

I do think that what’s happening in the world is bringing life into perspective for many people. I know it certainly is for me. Generally I think that many of us spend our lives wanting more, wishing for the next thing to happen, I know I’m forever daydreaming about what I hope to happen in the future, yet now we’re in a situation where the future is unclear and uncertain. We’re having to live in the moment. Which, when you think about it, is really what we should always be doing because the present moment is all we have anyway. 

It’s also making me appreciate so much in my life – my family, my friends, my happy home, the fact that I’ve so many things to do at home that I’ve no time to be bored (I’m slightly envious of all these people who are getting through books and watching various programmes on Netflix as I haven’t managed to do any of that yet, but I will – when the house is completely organised – so probably not during the lockdown then!). Life should really be about the people around you and your relationships. It should not be full of stress that many of us fill our everyday lives with (something I excel at!). At the end of the day it’s who we are that is important, not what we are – our job; our role within our job; what our salary is; how big our home is; how many holidays we have a year; what type of car we drive. None of that actually matters. However how we behave and how we treat people does matter. We’re seeing that now, there’s so much kindness around but sadly there are still people who don’t seem to realise that kindness matters, no matter what.

Anyway, I’d better go as nap time is almost over for the little man, but I thought I’d leave you with a few words that my brother sent to our family WhatsApp group yesterday which I think sums up this time for many of us:

“Different week with different challenges being confined to one space, but if I can get anything out of this it’s brought us together as a family. It puts into perspective that work is important but that family is way more important. Work to live, don’t live to work.”

Colette x

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