Hi! How are things going for you today? Like most people, I’m still trying to get my head around what’s going on in the world at the moment. It’s just like being in a movie that never ends and at the moment there appears to be no end in sight. To be honest, despite trying to be upbeat ever since this started, today I just found that things got to me a bit. We’re all in this together, knowing that makes it so much easier, but it’s still hard isn’t it? Anyway, after deciding to rest when the little man had his afternoon nap – something I haven’t done in ages – I felt better. I also made a decision that this weekend I will not indulge in the news the way I have been doing and I’ll do things that make me feel better. Whether that’s watching a movie, reading a good book, going for a walk, doing some crocheting, cooking a nice dinner, cleaning, playing music, listening to a podcast, playing with the little man, chatting with my husband… the list is endless! Basically whatever makes me feel good and takes my mind off this surreal situation that we’re all in.

Then I started thinking that we could all do with a bit of the “feel good” factor so I thought I’d start a hashtag – #feelgoodweekend. It probably already exists and, as I’m still learning so much about social media, it may not catch on but it’s something to spend time on.

So are you with me? Despite the awfulness of the situation let’s do our best to have a “feel good weekend”!

Colette x

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