My Top Tips for Being at Home with a Baby During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I’ve seen lots of posts and ideas about how to keep school aged children occupied during the school closures but what happens if, like me, you’re staying at home with a baby who can’t entertain themselves and has no idea what’s going on? And in my case a baby who, unless he is asleep, doesn’t seem to stop moving?

Constantly on the go!

I’m now off work (although I’m expected to work from home on my work days) and usually on my days off with my little man we go out and do things. We might meet a friend for coffee or go to soft play or a baby group or a walk or take a trip into town. Now, barring the walks, all those things are either restricted (going into town) or can’t happen at the moment. So therefore we’re going to be spending much more time at home. Many people I know are looking forward to enjoying their days reading, watching TV and generally pottering around. It’s not that simple with a baby but there are things you can do to enjoy your time at home and not go stir crazy so here are my top tips (in no particular order):

  1. If you can, schedule going out for a walk every day with your baby (easier said than do sometimes depending on where you live!). Time outside in the fresh air does make things feel better. 
  2. Have something to look forward to for yourself every day. It could be an evening TV programme, watching a film, reading a book, playing some music – whatever you enjoy.
  3. Keep in contact with friends and family, schedule in phone calls and when chatting try not to talk too much about Covid-19.
  4. Enjoy your time with your baby. When spending time with your baby try to keep your phone out of it. Focus on your baby and enjoy having time with someone who is oblivious to this crazy situation. 
  5. When your baby sleeps do something for you. Just as I’m writing this blog post now whilst my little man has a morning nap.
  6. Take joy in the simple things. I definitely think that this is one of the big positives that is going to come from all of this. We’re being forced to simplify our lives, to have extra time with family and to use simple pleasures, such as reading, for entertainment.
  7. Listen to a podcast. Podcasts are currently my new favourite thing. You can find a podcast about anything and everything and they can be listened to anytime and anywhere even whilst feeding, nappy changing, cooking or doing general chores. 
  8. Take up a new hobby. Or continue with a hobby that’s been put to one side for now (such as my crochet blanket). There are lots of resources out there for so many different activities that can be done at home.
  9. I know this is being said a lot at the moment but take care to limit the news you take in and to be aware of the fake news that’s everywhere. Indulge in positive news – it is out there.
  10. Do something in the house that you’ve always said you’ll do. I’ve been going to sort out our spare room for months. And now I have no excuse!
My stack of books to be read and reread – not sure that my little man will let me get through them all!

And one last thing – make time for fun and laughter – they’re a great tonic for getting through anything!

Colette x

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