Catching Up

And just like that, over two weeks has gone by with not a blog post in sight! Plenty of blog posts written in my head but none have actually made it to screen. The time has just been so busy with other writing projects, work and, most importantly, spending time with my little man.

Whenever I feel time rushing by like this it always makes me conscious that it’s so important to savour time too. Especially with my little boy. He’s growing up so fast! In under two weeks he’ll be ten months old! And he’s now crawling like a pro, pulling himself up to stand (using and holding onto the sofa) quite confidently and today he’s worked out how to bring himself back to the ground safely – where did my little baby go? Whenever I come home from work I get the biggest grins from him and I’m loving the fact that every time he gets close to me he grabs my top and pulls himself into me for a hug. He’s not quite giving the hugs himself yet (when do they start doing that? I have no idea), but he makes it clear that he wants me to give him one. And they’re the special little moments to savour.

Talking of moments to savour, one of the highlights of the past couple of weeks has been going to a soft play centre for the first time. This is something I have really been looking forward to doing as it looks so much fun (plus I love slides)! I made sure that we went when it was quiet (lunchtime on a school day) and my little man had a ball – so did I! It was so much fun to have that time with him; he was able to explore, and I could relax a little knowing everything was safe and soft. I took him on a small slide for the first time which he loved (although maybe not quite as much as me!). But the best thing for him? Me throwing a ball up the slide and it coming back down again – apparently it’s hilarious! Although it really showed me that I need to get fitter – going to soft play with your baby is exhausting! Everything he did I obviously did with him and he’s got plenty of energy – I could do with borrowing some! 

On the writing front I’ve been trying to get used to Twitter. Apparently it’s the social media platform for writers (and lots of other people) and as an aspiring writer I thought I ought to get to grips with it. It is taking me time, I’m very much focussing on the writing side of my life on it and I’ve very few followers but, my goodness, I didn’t realise how much happens on Twitter! It’s very interesting but I don’t think there’s enough hours in the day to keep up with it all! In addition to that I’ve been working on ideas and preparing my first book review for this blog site (I will get there eventually!). 

Then amidst all that (and the day-to-day chores) it’s trying to find time to just have time relaxing at home. My husband and I did manage to get out for a meal on our own (thanks to my brother-in-law babysitting for us) and it was just lovely to have that bit of time together as that’s so important but it’s hard to get these days. 

So that’s me, checking in and catching up. Nothing particularly exciting or interesting has happened over the past few weeks but it’s those ordinary times that can often provide those special little moments to savour and enjoy.

Colette x

2 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Great post 🙌 my son is finally a one year old and has just started to give kisses (well he licks us lol). What really helped with hugging is asking for a big squeezy hug which got him excited to take part 😁 just keep working with him on it and it will eventually happen!

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