“Simple Pockets of Calm”

This morning’s “simple pocket of calm”.

Oh my goodness, I feel like I’m running a marathon! The days are just flying by and I seem to be occupying every minute with something!

I’m up at 6am and from then on I’m feeding, changing, dressing, playing and giggling with my little man. If I’m working I drop him at my mum’s and then carry onto work which, as a music educator going into primary schools to teach whole class recorder, it’s non-stop. If I’m lucky I might get a breather in the staff room, unless I’m driving onto another school. Then after work it’s back to pick up the little man, have a cup of tea with Mum (which never gets finished as my little man is now so busy I’m constantly watching him), back home, play, dinner, bath, bedtime and then when he’s finally in bed I eat my dinner, spend time with my husband and write. On my days off, well I’m catching up on everything that didn’t get done on the days I am at work!

Phew! Even writing all of the above makes me feel exhausted!

It was only when I was on Instagram yesterday and saw a post from one of my favourite accounts and blogs, the wonderful Lucy at Attic 24 (in fact it was the blog that got me into blogs and blogging), that I stopped to think about how much I was running and racing. Lucy said that she had written a chatty blog post if anyone fancied a sit down with a cuppa and it was then that I realised I’m not sitting down to relax at all!

This view near my home never fails to calm me – it just oozes slowing down!

So this morning, on a day off, whilst my man had a morning nap I decided to make a cup of tea, heat up one of the delicious scones made by my sister-in-law and treat myself to a read of the Attic 24 post from a couple of days ago – January Slow

It was so good to just stop, read, eat and think about very little, only Lucy’s words. I know I’ve talked on here before about how important it is to have time for yourself as a mum, but that doesn’t have to be a trip out or anything fancy, a simple cup of tea at home can work wonders. I remember hearing Fearne Cotton talk about “simple little pockets of calm” (hence the title of this blog post) on her podcast Happy Place (if you haven’t listened to this, I can’t recommend it highly enough, I just love it and it can be listened to whilst doing other things). She talks about this in relation to success and how success can be these “simple little pockets of calm”, such as having an hour to read, listen to music or draw which she said for her is an absolute luxury (and at this point in my life it’s a luxury for me too). Just having the time to recharge is good for all of us and, as lovely as a spa day would be (if I had the money!), there are much simpler and cheaper ways to relax (although I would never turn a spa day down!).

Now I’ll admit I’m also using this simple pocket of calm to write a blog post! However, for me writing is calming plus I’m honing my craft as much as I can at the moment as I am pursuing a freelance writing career to work around my family (ok, so blog posting is a little bit work related but I still find it relaxing!). This is especially key when you have a job where the bulk of the work is from September to May. Plus the thought of finally being able to have a portfolio career that covers my two passions – writing and music – is the ultimate dream!

So, if you’re like me, spending your life running and racing, barely pausing to stop, just take a few minutes to breathe, relax and slow down… Feels better doesn’t it?

Colette x

1 thought on ““Simple Pockets of Calm””

  1. Love this 🙏 taking time to relax as a human being is such an important thing to do these days especially for parents 💖 It was a great read and really makes you want to get away from everything for a bit 😊 keep up the good work 🙌


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