New Year Motivation

Happy New Year! Wow – 2020! I can’t believe it; I can still remember back to when the year 2000 seemed incredible and now here we are a whole 20 years on!

I love New Year, I just love the feeling of freshness, of new beginnings, of endless possibilities. I love to look forward and feel motivated by all the opportunities that the new year brings. But I know that 2020 won’t bring about any opportunities or possibilities if I don’t make things happen. One of my favourite quotes is by LM Montgomery from her series of Anne books: “It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.” It’s so true, none of us can sit waiting for things to happen, if we really want something we have to make it happen.

This year I think I feel more motivated than I ever have before. All thanks to this little man:

Just introducing the little man to, in my opinion, the best film ever made!

Because of him I just feel more alive. He is my motivation for everything and he’s making me want to really push to pursue things that I’ve thought I’ve been pursuing for years but have realised I’ve been doing it in a very lacklustre fashion. 

Now I’m not talking about pursuing a new diet or to run 5 kilometers every day (although neither would do me any harm!), but to really push myself as a writer. My lifelong dream, the thing I’ve been talking about doing for, well, forever! And I’ve written forever, yes I was that kid who kept a diary and my favourite homework was creative writing! The best compliment I can receive is anything to do with my writing and over the years I’ve written articles, had blogs before this one and even had my own column in a local newspaper at one stage. The trouble is I’ve never been too pushy and I’ve let other things and demands take over but no more! 

I was warned that once I had a baby my time would be limited to write, which of course it is, but that is the BRILLIANT thing about it all! Because my time is so limited I’m focused, I make the most of those precious minutes when he naps and as a result I’m writing more than I ever have!

So this is the year to really do my best to pursue it. I’m very lucky as my husband is so supportive about this dream of mine; to be honest I think he just wants me to do something about it, as he’s probably fed up of me talking about it all the time! So he’s taken a few extra days off work to look after our little man whilst I write before the madness of work and everyday life properly resumes next week, severely limiting any writing time at all. Of course I’m here to do the carrying up and down the stairs when needed, but that asides the two of them are getting on with it and having some lovely daddy/son bonding time.

So what have I been doing? Well writing this blog post of course, working on a few new ideas and also working on the final (I can’t believe I’m now able to use that word!) few chapters of my biggest writing project to date – the children’s novel I started writing before I got pregnant. It got totally abandoned whilst I was pregnant as I literally felt sick every day of my pregnancy so getting through each and every day (whilst working a few ten-hour days a week – crazy!) was all I could manage.

But honestly, I think without my little man, I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Without him I’d have all the time in the world which, as I’ve discovered, doesn’t work to my advantage! And he, my biggest dream of all time, has given me a much stronger desire to pursue my writing dreams. 

So here’s to pursuing dreams and 2020! 

Colette x

P.S. My first post of 2020 also happens to be blog post 20!

2 thoughts on “New Year Motivation”

  1. Love the dedication to what you want to do in life 🙌 as a dad myself I’m happy to hear your husband took the time off for something important to you 👊 my fiancee is a great support to me as well. Let me know when you finish the book and I’ll read it since I’m a stay-at-home dad blogger 😊 oh and I’ll help out in promoting your blog it’s awesome 💪 keep up the great work I’ll be following and Happy New Year! 🎉

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