The Wonderful World of Children’s Books

There are so many amazing and wonderful things about having a baby and one of the things that I really love is the fact that I now have a great reason to spend hours (well, hours is maybe wishful thinking) in the children’s section in the local bookstore. You see I just love children’s books. I always have. I was an avid reader as a child and remember dreading the day when I wouldn’t be able to read children’s books any more – in my head I thought that you weren’t allowed to read children’s books unless you were a child or had children to read to. 

At one stage I studied for a diploma in educational studies which gave me a valid reason to spend ages in the children’s section once more. And it gave me an excuse to buy children’s books and enjoy them again. I just find that there is something so magical about children’s books. Maybe that’s why it’s my ultimate dream to be a children’s author, which is something I’m working on whenever I get free time. It’s also maybe the reason why I set up a book club for adults where we read children’s books – our monthly meetings are one of my favourite evenings of the month, just to be able to indulge in children’s literature for a few hours is so wonderful.

So it’s no surprise that I couldn’t wait to share books with our little man, we even had a couple of books bought for him before he was even born. Well, to be honest, thanks to my “research” as an aspiring children’s author, I actually had quite a collection of children’s books before I ever got pregnant!

Our little man has quite an assortment already, some bought as gifts and many bought by us. We’re so lucky to have a fantastic bookshop in Sligo, Liber Books, I just love it, it’s just a wonderful shop and has a lovely children’ section which I love to go and dream in at any given opportunity. 

I think that books are so important. I know that for myself they have formed such a special part of my life. I have always found solace in books and bookshops, and I think that the books I read as a child had a part in forming who I am today. I also believe that if you love books you are opening the door to so many opportunities in life as books can inspire and teach.

We’ve made reading to our little man a daily activity in our house, in fact it’s a part of his bedtime routine, although we’ll also read to him at other times of the day too. We’ve read to him since he was a tiny baby and even though he’s only six and a half months old I think it’s so important. He loves touching the books and trying to turn the pages, he even seems to have a favourite book – Oh No, George by Chris Haughton. It’s become our go to book with him and he seems to recognise it when we get it out. I think it’s the bright, colourful drawings that he’s attracted to plus the fact that it’s one we have in paperback (I’m not so keen to let him turn the pages of that one!) so it’s bigger and the pictures are bigger, not only that, it’s hard not to fall in love with George! I have to say that myself and my husband both love it too and are getting to the stage where we could probably recite it off by heart!

We also made sure that our little man has a bookcase where the books are displayed facing outwards meaning it’s a bright colourful display for him to look at. Although we probably could have done with a bigger one! I think we’ll need a second one pretty soon, especially with Christmas coming and the books Santa will be bringing him!

I’m loving discovering new books and authors, the world of children’s books is just so rich with talent. I’ve discovered so much just by going into bookshops as well as through Instagram, especially the account A Little Book Habit, it’s fantastic for book recommendations and has been created by one of my oldest friends. If in doubt I go on there and I’m spoilt for choice, there are just so many books to choose from. 

So whether you have children or not I think that children’s books are there to be enjoyed by everyone, and if you have children you can indulge in the joy that is sharing books with your little ones. Just be sure to savour every minute of those special, bookish times, they really are magic moments. 

Colette x

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