When to Wean?

Weaning. Another milestone. Another minefield! We’re almost at that stage and I’ll be honest I’m not exactly looking forward to it. Well, that’s not quite true, I am looking forward to seeing my little man take his first mouthful of, more than likely, puréed carrot, but it’s just all the information and decisions that surround it. It seems so complicated! Another factor for me is the fact that I’m back at work and I feel like I just don’t have the time that I’d like to have. 

We’ve bought all the stuff – bowls, spoons, little pots and an Annabel Karmel book. It’s now just knowing when to start. Apparently we’ll know and we’re to do it when our little man is ready but not after six months old. Then I read that we should try to wait until 6 months but no later than 24 weeks – such contradictory information, 24 weeks isn’t as late as 6 months so when is the correct time?! We could have started at 17 weeks if he appeared especially hungry (thank goodness he didn’t). He is now starting to show signs of being ready so we’ve decided to start next Saturday. It’s the beginning of half term for me, meaning that I have ten straight days of not working so it seems to be the best time, he’ll be over 5 months by then too. 

I actually went to weaning class (yes, I was surprised that they existed) which I have to say was very helpful and took some of the fear out of it for me (Is it right I should be fearful? I probably sound like a right eejit!). The nurse giving the class was so approachable that I felt I could ask questions. 

Now I just have to get my head around batch cooking. To be honest maybe this is where my fear is coming from – any mention of cooking of any kind sends a little shiver up my spine, let’s just say it’s not something I’ve ever taken naturally to although I love cookery programmes! I also have to get over my absolute phobia of eggs. Am I sounding crazy? I just can’t bear the thought of egg of any kind touching my mouth (I have no problem with them being part of a cake mix though!). I don’t really know why but I’ve always been like this, I think it’s the texture. So consequently I’ve not eaten eggs since I was a toddler and I’ve never cooked them (should I even admit to that?). 

As much as this weaning experience is going to open up a whole new world for my little man I think it’s also going to open up a new world for me too. Despite the fear I’m ready for it and who knows I may discover that I’ve a love for eggs that I never knew I had. And batch cooking might become my new favourite thing to do at the weekend! But whatever my hang ups I want to do right by my little man, so if that means eating eggs then bring it on!

Colette x

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