My goodness, I didn’t half used to waste time. To be honest procrastination could have been my middle name. My mornings were slow to start, even on work days. I was fortunate that my earliest start was at 10am – a fifteen-minute drive from home. So I’d roll out of bed at maybe 8 or 8.30am (totally dependent on whether I had to wash my hair), have a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV, take my time showering and dressing then eventually head out of the door. 

Now I’m up at 6 or 6.30am. Times I barely knew existed before. And you know what? On some days I actually feel quite refreshed for being up so early. I can see the benefits of making the most of the morning. This lifetime night owl is starting to become an early bird. What actually amazes me is that I can get through a whole day without a minute to myself but by the end of it the bed is still unmade, the dishes are still on the side, the washing still not hung up, my hair still unbrushed and I wonder what I’ve done with the day. Then I look at my content and fed little man and I realise what I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing my job. Some days I do get to make the bed, wash the dishes, hang up the washing and even brush my hair. On those days I feel really proud of myself. I’ve achieved so much! 

But I honestly did not appreciate time until now. And having time to myself. Apparently the average mum gets 17 minutes to herself all day. All day. That’s like a few toilet trips and that’s it. I’ve even noticed that when I’m shopping I’m doing everything at a super speed. I love shopping and used to while away hours in the shops just looking. Now I could take part in a speed shopping competition. Not to sound sexist but I now shop like a man. Well at least like my husband: I know what I want, I go into the shop, I find it and I buy it. Job done. And if I do get a couple of minutes to browse I so appreciate it. But it doesn’t happen often.

I was treated to a Costa voucher recently. The idea was that I took some time out for myself, well kind of, these days my little man is always in tow! As I always do with vouchers I saved it to use at a time that I would really appreciate it. I had a plan: feed the little man, keep my fingers crossed that he would doze off in his pram and then I would be able to enjoy a real treat – a fancy sandwich I’d never normally buy, my favourite chocolate brownie and an Appletiser. I even brought a magazine with me (one of my favourite treats is reading magazines whilst eating something delicious!). I was incredibly hopeful. This is what I imagined:

This is how it turned out:

But do you know what? He did eventually drop off. I had almost finished my sandwich, but I was determined to enjoy what was left of it. I took the baby toys off the magazine and started to read. Pure bliss. It may have only been ten minutes but it was won-der-ful! I think it is so important to get “me time” but it’s also so hard to find the time for “me time”. But it really is a must. Those few magazine-and-food minutes energised me. I felt refreshed. 

I look forward to doing it again in, oh, maybe four month’s time!

Colette x

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